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NRC Media strives, through dedicated programming, to create optimum linkages between advertisers and viewers We believe that television viewers should be provided programming that is consistently informative, entertaining, and sponsor appropriate. NRC will seek to insure that all advertising, from spot to sponsor, will be conceptually relevant to each program, special, or series that is aired. NRC Media’s on-going goals and objectives are to provide sponsors with brand-loyal audiences, and loyal audiences with television entertainment appropriate to an enriched lifestyle through consistently dynamic programming.


NRC Media Creations was formed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida by 4 individuals who comprise the basis for NRC. These parties had one common goal, and they sought to develop a 24 hour cable channel concept dedicated to the values and objectives as encompassed in the NRC Mission statement.

NRC’s concept creators, collaborated with financial and legal partners to form a diverse team dedicated to researching potential niche markets that would be linked by common interest, and simultaneously accessed through a specialized television channel-within-a-channel concept.

All parties have been of one accord, one vision, and one goal, to produce, distribute, and broadcast quality programming that assures a sustaining sponsor base. All marks, slogans, and designs that formulate the basis for NRC Channels have been duly registered, and are fully documented with Federal Patent and Trademark Office, and will be made available once the non-disclosure form has been signed and submitted.

In addition to the prospectus, NRC will also include individual biographical profiles for our Board of Directors and Legal Counsel.

Please direct all inquires to:

Director of Investment Relations: K.R.Risko

Phone: 845-569-1234

E-mail: Director of Investor Relations