Prospectus Non-Disclosure

If the prospect of owning a piece of television history is attractive to you, please complete the Non-disclosure form provided in order to establish full access to NRC’s complete prospectus containing:

revenue, marketing, programming,

promotion plans, broadcast options,

market analysis, audience survey, and

full Trademark documentation.

Once the on-line Non-Disclosure is completely executed, you will receive an immediate response to establish the delivery of all materials for your further consideration

Note: While the entire contents are fully registered, trademarked, and copyrighted, your consent to maintain strictest confidentiality is required in order to have NRC provide you with a detailed and full concept disclosure.

Please Complete the Form and MAIL TO:

Kean R. Risko, Executive Marketing Director
NRC Media Creations, Incorporated
Two Central Avenue
Newburgh, New York 12550

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