All advertisers and sponsors are directly connected to the audience interest while maximizing brand impact. This linkage approach to television programming is an industry first. While former approaches have utilized vague associations with target market, NRC’s channel programming will provide 100% relevancy to all sponsor/advertisers, which will yield full revenue opportunities without the usual ad-agency “hard-sell” of spots.

Existing television budgets for both cable and network advertising by top brands has increased by over 100% since cable households have grown beyond network viewership. This trend will provide the NRC channel concept with attractive agency value, and resulting revenues, as all programs will have open-buy slots for all clients.

The combined revenue potential for the first year broadcasted programming is projected to over 1.4 billion dollars in advertising spending. Figures are based upon reports contained in the full disclosure prospectus, which will be made available immediately following execution of on-site non-disclosure form.